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A PhD opportunity, The closing date is 23 February 2015.

Suitable for Engineering or Physics graduates

Holographic Lensless MicroscopeProject Supervisor – Dr Phil Birch

One of the primary goals of many research biologists and medical doctors is to understand the mechanisms within a cell to aid the understanding and diagnostics of diseases. They require the imaging of ever-smaller objects in the biological specimens such as cells, nuclei, organelles and even individual molecules. Ideally these are imaged with extremely high resolution, in 3D and with an acquisition time of a few milliseconds. This is not currently possible and it requires extremely expensive equipment to even come close to achieving this. This puts a great strain on organisations such as the NHS and making it impossible for developing world health care systems. This project will investigate mechanisms to build a low cost alternative microscope that fulfils the requirements stated but using low cost equipment. The microscopes lens can be replaced with a hologram enable near instantaneous 3D imaging, the illumination laser can be replaced with high powered LEDs. Computer simulations will be used to optimise the design of the system.

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